Break the Mold

We shine a light into one of the darkest corners of the gaming world.

Gaming is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, and harassment is one of its biggest threats. Harassment creates a hostile gaming culture, overshadows the benefits of gaming, and discourages skilled players. As many as 70% of gamers have experienced hate speech, sexual harassment, threats of violence or doxing, and this is a growing problem. 92% of all gamers are already calling for better solutions to limit toxic behavior in gaming. We need to take action now. 


Break the mold means to do something in a new or different way. To reject the conventional way of doing things, to challenge the status quo or break established patterns. We refuse to accept the notion that harassment is a normal part of gaming culture. We want to help create a positive culture that values respect, inclusion and diversity.


Break the mold is an initiative organized by the e-sports team Apeks. We want to get to the bottom of how and why harassment became such a significant part of our environment. We want to create real change through awareness campaigns and activities.

We will combat harassment in the gaming community.

The hostile atmosphere has been out of control for too long. It is time to address the problem.

The hostile atmosphere been out of control for too long.It is high time to address the problem.